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Best Trade Show Booth Ideas – 10 Genius Ideas

Companies attend dozens of trade shows every year, including national and regional trade shows. They all have the same goal – attracting as many customers as possible. A number of factors determine their chances of success, but the booth design is the most important element.

To help you shine at your next trade show, here are the 10 most amazing trade show booth ideas.

Best Trade Show Booth Ideas – 10 Genius Ideas

Idea #1 – Photo Booth

One of the most popular trade show booth ideas is to turn your booth into a photo booth. The photoshoot can include branded company filters to increase engagement and brand awareness. If you take this route, don’t forget to encourage customers to upload the images on Instagram or Facebook with event-specific hashtags.

Idea #2 – Spin-to-Win Wheel Booth

Another way to engage with the crowd is to add a spin-to-win wheel to your booth. After introducing the audience to your company, the wheel will make sure they remember the brand. Some of the prizes your visitors can receive include branded stickers, hats, T-shirts, gift cards, electronics, and discounts on other products.

Idea #3 – VR Booth

Virtual reality is omnipresent. Many enterprises use it to elevate the customer experience, so why not use the technology in your trade show booth?

The applications are endless. For instance, if you’re announcing a brand-new product at the show, don’t use a simple PowerPoint presentation. Let your VR platform do the talking. Besides familiarizing people with the offering, it will also make them feel like they’re attending a sci-fi fair.

What’s great about VR is that you can combine it with other booth ideas. A VR presentation followed by a spin-to-win wheel game will definitely generate a buzz.

Isometric detailed exhibition booth mockup isolated

Idea #4 – Flying Banner Booth

Some trade shows are cramped, confining your booth to a tiny space that’s hard to see from different angles. You can bypass this with a flying banner above the booth. It should feature your company logo, motto, or picture of the product you’re promoting (if applicable). It’ll pique the interest of anyone who looks up.

Idea #5 – Banner Stand Booth

Conversely, if there’s lots of space around your booth, you want to make the most of it. Place three or four banner stands that showcase your enterprise and provide basic information about the offerings you’re promoting.

Idea #6 – Flat-Screen TV Booth

If you wish to turn every visit to your booth into an entertaining experience, this is one of the best trade show booth ideas. A large flat-screen TV can play videos of your products or any other attention-grabbing content.

Idea #7 – Zip-up Curved Display Booth

When attending a trade show, you should also prioritize easy booth setups. Zip-up curved displays are perfect for this occasion due to their user-friendly design. They’re easy to install and even easier to disassemble. As the name suggests, you need only zip them up when the show ends.

Idea #8 – Outside Display Booth

If it’s an outdoor trade show, you should ensure bad weather doesn’t spoil the fun. That’s where dedicated outside display booths come in. Covered on all sides, they allow visitors to enjoy the experience without worrying about rain.

Exhibition stand mock-up arrangement

Idea #9 – Hanging Sign Booth

Another way to overcome limited space and complement flying banners is to use hanging signs. Place them high up on your booth to improve your visibility and familiarize the participants with your brand from afar.

Idea #10 – 20-Foot Display Booth

Sometimes, your main goal is to show as much as possible about your business. If that’s the case, a 20-foot display will work brilliantly. The large surface lets you include lots of pictures, testimonials, and other content in your booth.

Why Choose Trade Show Today for Your Trade Show Display?

These 10 trade show booth ideas will point you in the right direction. Now’s the time to find a provider who can execute the designs.

Look no further than Trade Show Today. Head to our website, and you’ll be able to create any booth display that comes to mind. That’s because we let you customize some of the most common display styles, including zip-up and pop-up displays. Once you fine-tune the end result, we deliver a unique display that will give you the edge over the competition at the event.

Here’s why you should partner with Trade Show Today:

  • Unlimited customizability – When we said we let you customize the final product, we meant it. You can tweak pretty much any aspect of your booth display, such as the artwork, graphics, letters, symbols, numbers, size, and shape. This enables you to create a display that truly reflects your brand.
  • Samples available – There’s no need to pay for any design until you approve the artwork. To that end, Trade Show Today sends you a draft of your display design. You can either green-light it for production or request changes.
  • Free shipping available – Trade shows can be expensive. Besides the booth, you also have to pay for rent, food, drinks, gadgets, and other items in your booth. To help you lower the expense, Trade Show Today offers free shipping for all products.
  • Reliable customer support – Whether you need help crafting the perfect display or want to check the status of your shipment, Trade Show Today’s technical support is readily available. You can reach out to your provider 24/7 for a seamless shopping and delivery experience.


How big should a trade show booth be?

The standard booth size for a trade show is 10x10 ft.

What should I have in my trade show booth?

A typical trade show booth features a display, brochures, flyers, laptops, tablets, food, and drinks.

What should be the color of my trade show booth?

Blue is often considered the best trade show booth color due to its simplicity and the ability to blend with other colors.

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