One of Europe’s most prominent leading event ‘learning technologies’ will be held from 12th Feb- 13 Feb 2020. From its beginning about 20 years back to now, the showcase has successfully encouraged Organizational learning and the process of handling technology.

Though there are a lot of exhibitions with the same purpose, Learning technology is specifically a celebrated event when it comes to teaching skill development and gaining organizational knowledge. It is a grand exhibition of precise training for the professionals in the stream of Learning and development.

The event has grown larger every year with more than 8500 visitors, 200 plus seminars, 250 plus exhibitors in a packed hall consumed by the latest technologies indicating innovation-seeking its best. 

There are innumerable reasons why Organizations are heading towards the event.

· The event includes Seminars that help you explore. The attending teams will have the opportunity to gain ideas related to organizational behavior and development which involves a theoretical and practical learning process.

· To be surrounded by Companies across the globe is a factor that can help the employees widen their experience about the global pattern in the L&D industry. Understanding the performance of those organizations and improving your skills along with efficient learning is key to execution.

· Learning the Latest technologies from the Programmes and seminars is another key reason why many organizations visit the event. Learning to professionally handle various technologies and enabling it in your work is explored directly through practical teaching.

· Learning technologies gives you an environment least experienced. The event gaining popularity every year, it is pulling more and more organizations to attend. It has now become a platform for Skill development among L&D professionals.

·      Business Skills aren’t easy to exercise. It requires experience and deeper regard for the market. An in-depth analysis held by experts on improving business skills and understanding the market is a part of several seminars and programs in the event.

·      Oozing out Inspiration, the event conducts conference sessions with 70 selected speakers and facilitators who are to guide the teams. They are well-known experts in the industry with relevant skills and experience. This year Learning technology is all set to give another mind-blowing exhibition on training and developing talents.

Learning technologies has been the podium for professionals across the globe trying to inculcate organizational development and learning. This year it is expected to continue to encourage the process with another grand showcase.

The event also allows you to enter as a conference delegate with several benefits adding to it.

This may include free fortnightly webinars on organizational learning and learning technologies, access to more than 200 videos and presentations, free membership to the learning and skills group, Free digital copies of the monthly ‘Inside learning technology and skills magazines and so on.

The major highlight this year will be a day of workshops on 11 February with topics like workflow learning, Marketing, Design learning, etc. 

The conference themes for 2020 are Reskilling, Storytelling, Learning engagement, Virtual reality, Self-directed learning, Coaching, and technology – Performance support, Stakeholder buy-in, Learning technology landscape Learning and the mind, Learning analytics, Onboarding, xAPI, Digital transformation and many more.

Some of the other highlights also include a free CPD Seminar program, Demos on learning the latest cutting-edge technology and the 200 plus world’s leading workplace learning technology vendors. With a further focus on Conference tracks like understanding the big issues in L&D, highlight on tactical issues, Content development, Use and implementation of technologies.

The entry fees have both free and paid tickets according to the position of delegates and General visitors.

Visit the site for further details and booking proceedings: Learning Technologies UK