To begin your business effectively with a cheaper cost is always a challenge. There are so many thoughts that are being put to make it happen in the best way possible. 

Now, placing your brand at a trade show amidst so many competitors and other popular brands dominating the market one after the other requires planning and structure.

If you are a start-up or a company that’s looking to gain the necessary attention in the market, a trade event will help you. But, you cannot set up an exhibition stand in a shoestring.

So how is it possible within your budget?

Take a look at some of these hacks to save your money while exhibiting your brand at a trade event.

1. Simple and Unique design

Your exhibition stand must have the ability to grab attention. A lot of brands spend a lot on building their stands in the most attractive form trying to get their idea conveyed.

One can create a simple design, but still, have unique content that might allure the attendee to approach you and know more about your company. A normal design with a minimal color set up will not only save the cost, but if it successfully delivers the brand’s potential, then you have almost nailed it.

So, indulge in inefficient planning that can help you figure out that simple and effective design.

2. A trade show that suits you

Understand and learn about the trade event where you can accommodate your brand. There are so many shows with different business streams. It’s necessary to realize and accordingly insert your brand to that particular trade event where it is likely to score. This can help you save some bucks at the same time you can approach the target consumer.

Get your company exhibited at the trade shows that suits your business the most.

3. Modular exhibition stands

If you are preparing to exhibit at different various trade shows, then modular exhibition stands are the reliable ones. They can be cheaper and reusable.

They also provide you a variety of options to highlight the motive of the brand. The maintenance is less and can be used if you are looking to exhibit regularly in a year. On the other hand, the handling and adjusting of the modular stands don’t require technical support as they can be dismantled manually by anyone.

4. Eco-friendly stand

Instead of covering up the whole stand with bunches of pamphlets and danglers, you should choose to be digital. 

This is another way to stay cost-efficient while setting up an exhibition stand at a trade show. You can be eco-friendly by avoiding papers and prefer to provide the information regarding the brand through digital mediums. 

Share the company’s idea and intent through a PowerPoint presentation on a projector. You can use a laptop or a tablet to further interact with the attendees. This could also be an interesting and effective method to gain attention.

5. Avoid Giveaways

It’s very common for companies to distribute samples and other giveaways to leave an impact. The alternate and interesting way to develop curiosity within the visitor is by asking them to indulge in a program.

 Let it be for a minute or two, but let them involve in a survey with some funny and interesting questions that have a link to your brand or engaging them to play a game is a better way to connect with the targeted customers.

There are several other ways where you can save your money by not simply splurging on the exhibition stand by simply focusing on what you want to convey. 

There are choices where you can rent a stand for a day or shipping your exhibit at an advanced warehouse so that no hassle will cause you any cost at the last moment.