How the Coronavirus Outbreak has affected the Trade Show events in China

The year 2020 could have opened with remarkable opportunities economically. But at the outbreak of this contagious virus, many aspects seem to take a hiatus till the road is clear.

WHO (World Health Organization) has been already in the thought of declaring a massive epidemic due to the spread of Coronavirus, which originated at the Wuhan city in China during December 2019. The death rate has increased to more than 3500 people across the globe with mainland china alone having a death toll of more than a thousand.

China is one of the major Trade fair centers in the world. Exhibitors and entrepreneurs around the globe swarm in the country to experience trade events. 

With the inception of this year, many major trade fair organizers have postponed the exhibitions to March and the months ahead considering the safety of the visitors. Organizers of the exhibitions in Hong Kong and Shanghai are consistently examining the situation about the spread of the disease. 

Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou had announced itself for February 26 but is now postponed till further announcement. 

The 45th China International furniture fair has also postponed it to tentative dates.

UFI has delayed two of its major events from March to further months.

UFI CEO Paul Woodward has expressed his disappointment regarding the hype created by the media on the disease claiming that this process of handling the situation will not solve matters.

Taking an overall look at the current situation of the trade fairs the exhibitors are facing a lag in their initiation due to the delay in the dates of the events.

This can indirectly affect various business dealings and a huge loss of capital. Though the trade shows are being postponed, it is going to affect the global market as various businesses might lose their opportunities and decline in their leads with events being postponed from their usual dates.

These are some of the major trade shows in China that are postponed after the announcement.

1. Design Shanghai trade fair postponed to 26th May to 29th May.

2. East China Import and export commodity fair postponed from March 1 to further dates.

3. Domotex Asia shifted its date from March 24.

4. CAFA Art museum closed by 24 Jan amidst the announcement of its Trade fair.

5. Art Basel, Hong Kong had planned to hold its exhibition from March 19 to 21 but postponed.

6. The Asia apparel expo to be held in Berlin on Feb 18 hasn’t announced its postponed date yet.


Many other crucial events in China are being postponed to tentative dates due to the fear of Corona Virus.

With the disease prevailing every day, the attempt to control it has been going on incessantly. 

Janelle Reiring, Cofounder of Metro Pictures gallery told Business times that “Hong Kong is not the place where anyone wants to go right now, Because of the politics, the protests and now the virus. No one wants to send people to work there the way things are.” 

However, it cannot be estimated how badly the economy is going to be affected with such a scenario, companies have already avoided canceled meetings with visitors coming to Mainland China.

With China being seriously under the threat economically at the beginning of the year, several other countries are similarly getting affected in conducting trade shows.

The WHO has already announced a public emergency to fight the Virus. Precautions that are required to be taken are being passed among the people to stop the disease from spreading.